Parse eMail Messages and Attachments

ITG eMail Parser is an enterprise software solution that extracts data from incoming eMail messages and their attachments.

A custom, parsing software designed around your individual business needs. The ITG eMail Parser identifies eMails of interest, extracts relevant information, and performs automated actions based upon user defined parsing schemes. Let ITG customize an enterprise solution that automates eMail processing for any eMail system that supports POP3, IMAP, or Exchange.

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eMail Parsing Scheme Configuration Parameters

Automate eMail processing by creating eMail parsing scheme configurations to identify and direct incoming eMails to the appropriate resource. ITG eMail Parser allows for parsing of eMails that reside in one or more eMail accounts in one or more MS Exchange Servers. Also, a single eMail Account can service multiple parsing scheme configurations. Once configured, ITG eMail Parser operates behind the scenes and does not interfere with your existing eMail server.

Parsing Scheme Configuration Parameters: (ex: Parsing from Subject Line of incoming eMails, hosted on MS Exchange Server):

  • eMail Parsing Scheme Name
  • MS Exchange Server Name
  • eMail Account Address
  • eMail Account User Name
  • eMail Account User Password
  • Inbox Check Frequency
  • Multi-Label Line
  • Extract and Parse eMails
  • Check eMails Received (### Days Ago)
  • Create New Records from Parsed eMails
  • Active Directory Domain Name
  • E-CAS URL Name
  • Target Database SQL Server Name
  • Target Database Name
  • Target Database Table Name
  • Error Alert eMail Recipient(s)
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Parsing eMail Subject Line and eMail Body Text Schemes (Labels)

Identify eMails of Interest (EOI) and data fields (labels) to extract relevant information from your incoming eMails. Parsing schemes can be defined by eMail address, subject line text, as well as text from the body of the eMail. User defined parsing schemes allow for a customizable eMail parsing solution that addresses specific data extraction requirements.

Subject Line Text Parameters

  • From eMail Address
  • From User Name (internal eMails only)
  • Text Strings (labels) to look for in subject line
  • Identify eMails of Interest based on From eMail Address or Subject Line, or both

eMail Body Text Parameters

  • Text Strings (labels) to look for in the body of the eMail
  • Multi-Line Label
  • Foreign Key Table

Multi-Line Label Option

  • Ensures data is correctly identified and extracted from text in the body of an eMail where the label’s associated data appears in multiple lines (ex: Comments has 3 lines of data to extract from the eMail body)
  • Define text exclusions to prevent undesired text from being captured
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eMail Parser for Reporting and Automated Actions

Users can view parsed eMail logs

Report Page

  • View log of all eMails parsed
  • Apply Filters


  • eMail to Database
  • Multi-Server Integration
  • Parse Attachments
  • Event Notification
  • Error Notification
  • User Dashboard/ Progress Monitor
  • eMail to SMS
  • Forward eMails
  • Custom Features

Contact us to find out more about how the ITG eMail Parser can be customized and integrated to best suit your needs.

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